Visualizzazione dei post da Novembre, 2017

"ASTANA – Architecture, Myth & Destiny" by Frank Albo

Since the very first moment human beings have started imagining the Gods and/or any supernatural force governing the world, they have felt the need of giving shape to those entities and sometime of locating them in particular places. They started with forests, rivers, lakes, caves or mountains which were considered sacred, and eventually they built for them – for their Gods – specific buildings: temples.

Once upon a time it was like that. And still is.

A great example of how human beings still try today – in the 21st century – to give shape and accommodate unknown entities, energies, spiritual forces in powerful places and buildings is Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan.

Architects like Norman Foster, or Manfredi Nicoletti, and engineers like Buro Happold contributed to the impressive Master Plan behind the design of some of Astana's most mysterious buildings. Many of them – massive buildings which stand out like futuristic cathedrals in the Kazakh desert – clearly bear hidden…